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Spirit at Chick-fil-A, Wednesday, Sept 2nd.

Can you help fight human trafficking by simply deciding to “Eat Mor Chikin”? The answer to that question can be “Yes!” if you and your friends join us at the Chick-fil-A at Flagler Park on September 2nd, from 4-8pm.
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Freedom Igniters

The LoF Center is able to respond to local survivors because of our supporters. By joining the community of Freedom Igniters, you will expand the number of survivors reached and make an impact on generations to come.
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Protect Our Kids from Sex Trafficking

Protecting our kids from sex trafficking starts with awareness. Sign-up to host a free awareness night at your church or community group.
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S1L: Internet & Phone Outreach

The S1L: Internet and Phone Outreach is dedicated to reaching out to girls and women in the sex industry. Our desire is to form trusting and nonjudgmental relationships with women and girls who are victims of any form of sexual exploitation – strippers, prostitutes, pornography actors, etc. Learn how you can help share the Love […]
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Hope Totes for Survivors

A Hope Tote is an all-in-one care package with supplies that front-line responders can hand human trafficking survivors at the time of rescue. Learn how you can make a difference!
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What's up at the LoF Center?

About Us

Based in Miami, the Life of Freedom Center is a dedicated community resource that offers free support and restorative programs for female survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Free Resources and Support

Clients are the focus at the Life of Freedom Center our dedicated team believes every individual deserves love, safety, healing, acceptance and the opportunity to live a life freedom from commercial abuse and exploitation.

Direct Client Services

The LoF Center offers individuals free support and resources to help them in living a life free of commercial sexual abuse and exploitation. Individual Case Management often includes working within a multi-disciplinary team of agencies, individuals, family members.

Clients gain access to:

  • Therapists – professional guidance on healing and restoration from specially trained therapists that meet one to one and in group sessions.
  • Case Managers – identify goals and develop a plan to achieve educational goals, life in residential security, have access to proper and more.
  • Mentors –  meet loving people from the community with a desire to mentor survivors in developing safe relationships and connections within the community.
  • Group Workshops – the lofcenter hosts workshops for small groups to learn valuable life skills and participate in a counseling session that includes a devotional and opportunity for prayer.Current workshop topics include:
    • Jewelry Making (6 weeks) – Participants learn to hand-make jeweled head and wrist bands, pendants, earrings and rings. Girls also learn to cost out items, price and pitch their creations for sale.
    • Custom Card Design  and Sales (6 weeks)
    • Improvisational Comedy 101

Clients can also pick-up:

  • Clothing and Accessories – select from new and slightly worn clothing and accessories to use for interviews, school or everyday activities.
  • Food Pantry – pick-up dry and canned goods from our food pantry.
  • LoF Bags – specially assembled gift baskets containing items for new born babies, home supplies, birthdays and holidays.

Call us at 786-565-8677 or click on the button below to complete a referral and get help.

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The Life of Freedom Staff

Our missionary staff all have experience in serving and building relationships with survivors both here and abroad. Together they make up a dynamic team that encourages clients on their path to healing and wholeness.


 Jorge Veitia: Executive Director

Jorge-Veitia-Executive-Dir-of-SOL.jpgEmail: jveitia@lofcenter.org
Blog and Support Info for Jorge Veitia and Family

Jorge is a child activist, advocate, and founder of the Life of Freedom Center, a dedicated site that offers support and restorative programs for female survivors of human trafficking. Clients have free and easy access to peer advocates, loving mentors and specially developed support programs that address the traumatic impact of abuse in a Survivor’s life. Find out how you can partner with this Jorge and his family serving survivors in South Florida by visiting their support page.


Kevin AbeggKevin Abegg: Director of Operations

Email: kabegg@lofcenter.org

Kevin is a seasoned missionary having assisted ministries in over 30 countries. This includes an interdenominational church plant from 1996-2000 in the coastal town of Pichilemu, Chile where he met his wife Claudia. The couple returned to Kevin’s hometown near San Francisco, CA to attend Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, each acquiring MAs in Theology.

In 2003 they joined Latin America Mission (now United World Mission) moving to Miami in ’03 to serve as missionaries to Cuba. In ’08 Kevin took over management of LAM’s International Alliances department and shortly thereafter the North American Partnerships department. During his travels throughout Latin America Kevin came in contact with various anti-trafficking ministries through which God captured both Claudia and his hearts with the desperate need of those suffering a modern slaves. Kevin brings his missions management experience as well as a passion to see God’s truth change lives and rescue individuals.

Learn more about the Abegg’s and their ministry by visiting their blog at: http://www.abeggloveletters.blogspot.com

Find out how you can partner with the Abegg’s by visiting: http://www.uwm.org/missionaries/kevin-abegg

MMTUTTLE ProfileMary Tuttle: Director of Development

Email: mmtuttle@lofcenter.org

Blog and Support Info: http://www.marymtuttle.com

Advocating for women since 1990, Mary Tuttle began promoting women’s justice issues right out of graduate school when she served as the founding director of what is now The One Woman Initiative for Opportunity International.

As a professional who has worked in institutional development for over a decade and volunteered locally for close to 30 years, Mary has a comprehensive background in education management, in marketing women’s programs, and in connecting with Hispanic and diverse audiences.

Iliana-CanalsIliana Canals: Hope Tote Coordinator

Email: icanals@lofcenter.org

Iliana Canals works as a paralegal even as she attends college full time for Criminal Justice and manages her own company. She describes herself as “a free spirited person who loves new things & adventure but is very career and goal oriented.” Part of her “free spirit” includes a love for monster trucks and mud events!

Iliana recently joined the LoF team as the new Hope Tote Coordinator & looks forward to the Mentor Training Classes this fall. “I have my mind set on high goals and standards for myself and do not plan to settle for anything less with God’s help. My past has not been easy but with faith, prayer and strength it has lead me to where I am today.”

Version 2Lori Bedwell: Mentor Coordinator

Email: lbedwell@lofcenter.org

Blog and Support Info for Lori

Lori Bedwell has a passion for evangelism, compassion for those hurting and a heart to follow the Lord in all she does. She has spent the last 3 years working with trafficking survivors in Mexico and elsewhere and will be working closely with all LoF Center Mentors as our new Mentor Coordinator. We look forward to growing the “heart and soul” of the Life of Freedom Center as Lori helps increase and improve services to the sex trafficking survivors that the Lord entrusts to our care.

Lori is a full time missionary serving directly with the Life of Freedom Center. Her support comes from individuals that want to contribute to maintaining her in her ministry. If you would like to join Lori in supporting her work and the LoF Center’s ministry please do so through our giving page.


Laura-RosaLaura Rosa: Social Media Coordinator

Laura Rosa is a Miami native events planner & fashion design blogger with a flare for life and constantly on the go 24/7. She recently joined the LoF Team as our Social Media Coordinator, so make sure you’re connected with us via Facebook, Twitter and a few of the other platforms she’ll be broadcasting from, you won’t want to miss it!

Laura tells us: “I’ve always had a heart to help others. My heart breaks for those who are hurting… I hope to restore joy back into broken lives and a sense of hope for each individual I come in contact with.”


The mission of the Life of Freedom Center is to offer survivors of commercial sexual abuse a safe place where they can find the support and resources they need to recover.

We accomplish this by offering clients free access to mentors, therapists, peer support groups and empowerment workshops in a safe and encouraging environment.

We draw encouragement from II Corinthians 3:17, “…where the Spirit of the Lord is found, there is freedom” in working closely with churches and other community partners so clients can access quality resources and support within their immediate community.

Learn how you can be part of the mission at the LoF Center on our connect page.



Here’s a list of programs that the Life of Freedom Center conducts.

S1L: Sharing One Love to End Human Trafficking – This is an awareness and mobilization initiative that helps protect children from the dangers of sex trafficking and also equips community on to how effectively conduct outreach areas at-risk of exploitation.

Daytime Street Outreaches

Internet and Phone Outreaches

Alternative Break Retreats

The Hawthorn – sa safehouse

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